Lawn Care

Traditional Lawn Care

We also offer a traditional 5-step lawn care program that includes:

  • 5 fertilizer treatments
  • Crab grass prevention
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Grub prevention
  • Maintenance liming



Organic Lawn Care


We are proud to be your authorized local dealer and applicator of BeeSafe® organic lawn treatments. BeeSafe® organic treatments are a 100% natural option for healthy, vibrant lawns. These treatments build good soil biology.



Lawn Installation & Renovation

We offer both hydroseeding and sod lawn installations and renovations. Whether we are installing or renovating, we will examine your site and use the right seed mixture for the amount of light on your property, analyze the soil, and amend with compost if needed.

Core Aeration

We also provide core aeration services to produce optimal lawn health. In core aeration, we mechanically aerate the soil by removing small plugs to allow your lawn to better absorb water and nutrients. Aeration provides the following benefits:

  • Allows nutrients, water and oxygen to move more easily into the soil
  • Improves the root systems of your grass
  • Makes watering more efficient
  • Prevents run-off from lawn treatments