“For years I have been having a problem with the winter moth. They are little green worms that eat the leaves on the trees and ruin them. I called Simora and they have me on a schedule to spray my trees every spring. This has solved my problems, and my trees now look more full and greener than ever.”

– Gabriel B.

“We cannot say enough good things about this company and plan to have them return in the early spring to do more extensive landscaping for us … The work is beautifully done, with great care, and we are very pleased.”

– Kathleen A.

“They are very reliable and I have been using them for years for landscaping … They do a good job and I can count on them.”

– Scott R.

“Everyone we have welcomed to our home has commented on how beautiful the walkway and retaining walls are. They all say the same thing – it is welcoming, inviting, interesting, beautiful, and an incalculable added value to our home.”

– Amy N.