Cold Weather Care for Your Landscape

It would be a mistake to think that the weather will eventually turn so cold that there won’t be anything that you can do for your landscape. Some of your plants will still need a little bit of attention throughout the year.

This attention will start during the fall, but will often need to continue through the winter. Mostly, you’ll need to watch for plants who are struggling with exposed roots, as gardener Suzanne Mahler points out in a recent Wicked Local article.

“Significant fluctuations in temperatures during the fall and spring often pose a greater threat to our plantings than frigid weather. Alternate freezing and thawing of damp soil is particularly hazardous to recent transplants often causing them to heave out of the ground which may prove fatal if roots become desiccated or exposed to extended cold. Survey your gardens during the warmth of the day and firmly press plants that may have lifted out of the soil back into the earth. Once the ground freezes solid, spread a light winter mulch of white pine needles or shredded leaves over the root systems of late season transplants to minimize heaving. I stockpile a few bags of soil and bark mulch in my garage during the winter months to apply around the crown of uprooted plants when freezing temperatures make outdoor soil and mulch impenetrable. Rolls of burlap, deer repellents, and anti-desiccant sprays are also purchased for future use since many of these fall and winter necessities are often difficult to acquire once our local garden centers shift their focus to the holiday season.”


So there you have it! Now’s a great time to order mulch, since you’ll need it throughout the winter. Just call 508-339-9552 to order. You can see the different types of mulch that we offer at this link.