How to Reduce Road Noise

A great landscape isn’t just all about how your yard or garden looks. It’s also about how it feels, how it smells, and how it sounds.

You may be imagining tranquil birdsong, or the rustle of leaves in a gentle breeze overhead. Road noise, however, is a reality for many landscapes.

When most people start dealing with road noise they think about adding fences. Fences are great for increasing the privacy and safety of your yard. However, they just don’t do much for noise.

Fortunately, trees and shrubs are incredibly good at blocking out noise. An EPA document called Reducing Heat Islands: Compendium of Strategies–Trees and Vegetation states:

A well-placed row of trees and shrubs can reduce urban noise by 3 to 5 decibels, while wide, dense belts of mature trees can reduce noise by twice that amount, which would be comparable to noise reduction from effective highway barriers.

The EPA lists a couple of other benefits of this “well placed tree line,” including:

…reduced crime, increased property values, and other psychological and social benefits that help decrease stress and aggressive behavior.

Evergreen trees are a good choice, since foliage provides most of the noise protection. Other trees will still provide a little protection, even during the winter. But if you’re going to plan for noise protection, then you’ll want to plan for the entire year.

Of course, you don’t just want to shove a dense thicket of trees around your yard. A little bit of landscape planning can go a long way towards keeping your lawn and garden as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


If you need to install your own noise barrier, call Simora. We’ll be happy to help you plan one that isn’t just effective, but looks great, too.