It’s Time to Divide Your Perennials

Dividing your perennials should be on your list of autumn gardening tasks, if you haven’t done it already. As this article in Wicked Local Burlington explains, dividing perennials encourages new growth while helping older patches of growth to thrive.

…Some perennials need to be divided because their growth prohibits flowering. This happens, for example, with irises and daylilies. Over time, the flower appears only at the outer edge of the clump and no longer springs from the center of the plant. That’s when it is time to divide the plant.

The fall is a perfect time to divide perennials such as daylilies and hostas. By dividing a plant you encourage new growth.

You can leave a hosta in the ground and it will get bigger every year. That makes the hosta more valuable because it makes a bolder statement in the garden. However, if you want to grow the plant in another spot, or give a friend some of the plant, you need to divide it now.

Divide perennials in clumps. Be sure to preserve the roots in each clump when you do so. Then, transplant the new clumps to their new destination.

Is your schedule too busy to get the task done in time? Contact Simora to get help dividing your perennials this year! It’s not too late to divide them just the way you want them.