Want a Successful Landscape? Plant for the Yard You Have.

How do you get the most successful landscape? It all starts with working with your yard instead of against your yard, planning your landscaping for the yard you have instead of the yard you might want.

A recent Wicked Local article puts it rather succinctly.

Many gardeners have a strong wish that their gardening conditions were perfect: nice, rich, balanced soil on an even landscape, ample water supplies, just the right amount of sun, everything just ideal for anything they might want to plant. Unfortunately, real life often interferes with these dreams. The soil’s too alkaline or acidic, too dry or too wet, too steep for easy growing, heavily shaded or blasted by sunlight. It’s possible to fight those conditions every step of the way, but a better strategy for gardening can involve working with them instead, and planting smart to save energy and resources.

Native plants are an important part of this strategy. Usually, they’re the plants that are best suited for local conditions.

However, some planning is still involved no matter what. It’s not enough to simply slap native plants into place. You still need to pay close attention to all of the factors that make your yard unique if you want a landscape that truly “works.”


Professional landscape planning can be an incredibly helpful part of this enterprise. We’re trained to evaluate the entire yard and to sketch out a plan that really works. If you need help working with the yard you’ve got then don’t hesitate to contact Simora today.